About us

Ariadne Interconnection S.A. was established in September 2018 as a wholly-owned  subsidiary of the IPTO Group. It is the implementation vehicle of the Attica-Crete interconnection, pursuant to RAE decisions No. 838/2018, 816/2018.

For further information refer to RAE DECISION No. 816/2018 and RAE DECISION No. 838/2018.

Project promoter

Ariadne Interconnection (Ariadne Single Member S.P.S.A.)

Project Category

Co-funded Project


Submarine Transmission Line, Underground Transmission Line, Overhead Transmission Line, Converter Station, Substation

Budget (1st Stage)

€ 630.964.341

Public expenditure

€ 313.273.796

Operational Programme 

Transport Infrastructure, Environment & Sustainable Development


European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)



Crete-Attica interconnection will:

  • Offer reliable and stable operation of Crete's energy system with significant benefits for tourism and economic activity in general.
  • Mitigate Crete's environmental footprint, due to the gradual reduction of electricity generation from thermal power plants.
  • Reduce energy production cost as well as PSO charges for consumers due to the withdrawal of oil-fired plants.
  • Better utilize wind, solar and other RES potential of Crete.
  • Diminish the need to maintain Reserve Units.
  • Reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuels.