The special purpose vehicle with company name “CRETE-ATTICA ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTION ARIADNE SPECIAL PURPOSE LIMITED COMPANY” titled as “ARIADNE INTERCONNECTION S.P.L.C” has been appointed by the Regulatory Authority of Energy as the project implementation vehicle of the Attica-Crete interconnection with the decisions 816/2018 and 823/2018. ARIADNE INTERCONNECTION was founded in September 2018 as a subsidiary of ADMIE S.A.

The timeline of the project defines that the commissioning of the interconnection should be done within 2022 while the tenders for the turn-key implementation of Converter Stations and HVDC cables will be launched soon.


Cable rated power (MW)


Voltage (kV)


Submarine cables length (km)


Year of completion

A milestone project for Greece

The technological infrastructure, the budget but mainly the benefits for Greek society set new standards for the future of Electricity transmission

Reduction charges of Public Utilities (PU) by € 300-400 million per year0%

Ensuring the adequacy of power supply of Creta long term0%

Exploitation of the local potentials of the Renewable Εnergy sources0%

Environmental and economic upgrading of the island0%

Technical Specifications

The Crete-Attica HVDC Interconnection project includes a bipolar HVDC cable, between Crete and Attica, with a rated power of 1000 MW (2 × 500 MW). The timetable of the project estimates its completion within 2022 with an estimated budget of € 1 billion.

The project’s technical specifications, the sea bottom studies and the submission of the Environmental Impact Study to the Ministry of Environment and Energy have been completed.

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