Extension in tender related to the Conversion Stations on requests of participants

Crete-Attica Interconnection.

“Ariadne Interconnection” Special Purpose Vehicle Company, which implements the Electrical Interconnection Project between Crete and Attica, announces extension of the deadline for offers’ submission by 30 August 2019, Friday at 12:00 noon for the open Tender Invitation no. 1902 of the project "ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT AND INSTALLATION OF TWO CONVERTER STATIONS AND ONE SUBSTATION FOR THE DIRECT CURRENT ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTION BETWEEN CRETE AND ATTICA (2 X 500 MW)".

Date and time of offers’ electronic opening will be postponed to 30 August 2019, Friday at 14:00, respectively. Extension was granted on the relevant requests from all domestic and international participating construction companies/equipment vendors due to project’s size, the very demanding project’s technical specifications and the respective massive number of technical data required for offers’ submission.